This is how Hero Balancer works


Hero Balancer ensures optimum coordination of the heat demand in your building. We do this in schools, showrooms, apartment complexes, offices and healthcare institutions.

The smart control constantly adjusts the heat generated to the energy consumption of the residents and the building. The program uses predictions and patterns and, in particular, a great deal of data. In this way, the time at which heat generation is most efficient can be disconnected from the time energy is used.

Integrate into your heating installation

Hero Balancer connects to your existing heating installation. Our engineers do this with a mini-computer that reads and controls your heating system every five minutes. Our installations usually take up to half an hour and can be carried out within two weeks after your order confirmation.

The user is central

Hero Balancer is your digital caretaker, where the user is central. We ensure that the heating system will take care of you and not the other way around.

Take weather forecasts into account

We combine the local weather forecast with data from your building to properly determine the heat demand in the future. We do this on the basis of temperature, sun intensity and wind speed and direction.

Algorithm always switches on the correct source

Hero Balancer studies the demand, the supply of heat and thinks afterwards. How much heat is available now? How much heat do I have to give? Which source supplies this heat? On the basis of this information, the Hero Balancer software determines at what time your heating must be switched on and at which supply temperature. If there are several heat sources present, Hero Balancer determines which heat source we use for this.

Combining data is our strength

The eyes and ears of Hero Balancer are in the different data streams. This includes temperature sensors, the connection with your heating and the KNMI. Linking this data to optimise your heating is our strength.

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