Hero Balancer for your School

Teachers and students expect the heating to work and not to be not too cold or too hot. School administrators want the lowest possible costs and malfunctions to be remedied before anyone notices. Disruptions are always inconvenient for your customers.

Sustainability is important. Perhaps the installation you have maintained will last for years. Or not, and maybe you’re considering a heat pump or other gas-free solutions. How can we help you improve the indoor climate of your schools and save you money?

An installation with Hero Balancer offers you real-time insight into the functioning of your heating system. In addition, your installation can be controlled and adjusted remotely: the times at which your school should be comfortable or a little cooler can be set accurately to the minute. You always have insight into the set and current temperature. The best thing: Hero Balancer adjusts your system every five minutes based on heat demand and future weather. This saves a lot of energy costs and CO2 emissions. Sound good, doesn’t it?

Listen to a customer

Listen to Jan Baggerman from OBS de Schelf. Jan tells how he is making his schools sustainable. He uses the Hero Balancer for this: “It is quite special that such a small device is placed next to the central heating system and can influence the central heating system in such a way that less gas is used”.

What we can do for you

Reduce heating costs

Your schools have higher heating costs due to the increased energy prices and taxes. Perhaps you sometimes heat an empty building. In addition, the government contribution is usually not cost-effective. Do you, like us, think there are opportunities to reduce your heating costs?

With Hero Balancer you can easily adjust the heating times online. A different schedule every day or every week? Days off, overtime or unexpectedly closing earlier? No problem, use the Hero dashboard to quickly adjust the heating times. Just as simple as at home.

In addition, the outgoing temperature of your boilers or heat pump is adjusted every five minutes to the heat requirement determined by Hero Balancer. For this, our self-learning system looks at the heating features of the building, the needs of your users and the weather forecast for the coming hours. That saves 10 – 40% of your heating costs.

Reduction of your carbon footprint.

Every burned cubic meter of gas causes 1.89 kilograms of CO2 emissions. Part of the emissions is due to the fact that schools are heated longer than necessary. Your current heating schedule almost never corresponds to the actual use, which means that heating is switched on too early or for too long.

Hero Balancer offers digital insight into the heating scheme, makes digital changes to the heating scheme simple and offers proactive weather control. This makes your installation work more effectively and economically. We achieve between 10% – 40% savings on CO2 emissions, while maintaining comfort.

Grip on comfort

Whether or not teachers and students experience the temperature in your school as pleasant is personal. An excessively warm indoor climate will in any case lead to poorer learning performance.

With the insights that Hero Light offers, you quickly get a clear picture of the temperature per room and how you can possibly solve it yourself or with your Hero Balancer. You may also be able to discuss other changes with your installer. You are in control and we help you with the correct, objective information.

Remote real-time insight

Depending on your system, you have limited insight into your heating system: Disruptions and excessive heating times remain invisible for too long. Especially with cascade setups or other systems without GBS. This can lead to high energy bills and expensive repairs.

With Hero Balancer you always have insight into your heating system and a clear dashboard on every device. You can see the set and current temperature and the real-time energy consumption of your schools per room. You decide who gets access to your Hero dashboard. From June 2019 we will also be adding error codes. This way you prevent the risk of malfunctions and expensive repairs.

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What is Hero Balancer?

Hero Balancer is your own digital caretaker. Hero creates an ideal match between heat supply and demand thanks to its unique artificial intelligence.

Hero Balancer sharply aligns heat supply with heat demand. We do this by never having your large-scale heating system heated unnecessarily. We calculate the heat demand by analysing the weather forecast, your usage pattern and the warming characteristic of your building with our algorithm.