Hero Balancer for Real Estate and Healthcare

Building residents simply expect the heating to work. They often want a better indoor climate and you want the lowest possible service costs. You also want malfunctions to be corrected before someone notices something is wrong. After all, disruptions are never convenient and can cause risks.

Sustainability is an important topic. Perhaps your current installation can last for years. Or maybe not, possibly you’re considering a heat pump or other gas-free solutions. In both cases we can help you improve the indoor climate and save money.

An installation with Hero Balancer offers you real-time insight into the functioning of your heating system. In addition, your installation can be controlled and adjusted remotely. The best thing: Hero Balancer resets your system every five minutes based on heat demand and the weather forecast. This saves a lot of energy costs and CO2 emissions. Never again will we hear the complain: “Block heating is expensive!”.

What we can do for you

Reduce heating costs

Due to increased energy prices and taxes your heating costs are getting higher and higher. With Hero Balancer you can easily adjust the heating times online. A different schedule every day or every week? People doing overtime or is the building rather empty? No problem, the heating times can be adjusted quickly using the Hero dashboard. Just as simple as at home.

In addition, the outgoing temperature of your boilers or heat pump is adjusted every five minutes according to the heat requirement determined by Hero Balancer. For this, our self-learning system looks at the heating features of the building, the needs of your users and the weather forecast for the coming hours. This often results in a lower outgoing temperature, which saves up to 40% in energy. That’s good for your operating budget and service costs!

Reduction of your carbon footprint.

Each cubic meter of gas causes 1.89 kilograms of CO2 emissions. Part of the emissions is caused by the fact that buildings are heated for longer than required or it is heated at excessive temperatures.

Hero Balancer offers digital insight into the heating program, makes digital changes to the heating program simple and offers proactive weather control. This makes your installation work more effectively and economically. We save between 10% and 40% on CO2 emissions, while maintaining comfort.

Grip on comfort

Every resident needs a different level of comfort. With the insights that Hero Balancer offers you quickly get a clear picture of the temperature for the general area and you can easily adjust this.

Residents with an individual thermostat or post-control still have full control over their set comfort levels.

Real-time insight on every device

Depending on your system, you have limited insight into your heating system: Disruptions, high energy bills for your residents and heating at excessive temperatures for too long remain unknown for too long.

Hero Balancer offers you a management dashboard on which you can monitor and manage all your locations in one storage. You will also receive a dashboard for each location, for example for a location manager or the VVE board. You decide who gives you access to your Hero dashboard. You always have insight into your heating system on every device. You can see the set and current temperature and the real-time energy consumption for your building(s) per room. From June 2019 we will also include error codes. This way you reduce the risk of expensive repairs or breakdown of your installation.

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What is Hero Balancer?

Hero Balancer is your own digital caretaker. Hero creates an ideal match between heat supply and demand thanks to its unique artificial intelligence.

Hero Balancer sharply aligns heat supply with heat demand. We do this by never heating your large-scale heating system unnecessarily. We calculate the heat demand by analysing the weather forecast, your usage pattern and the warming characteristic of your building with our algorithm.