Hero Balancer for Installers

Your customers expect you to ensure that their heating always works, and preferably at the lowest possible price. They expect you to remedy any disruptions before they notice it. Disruptions are always inconvenient for your customers.

Sustainability is an important topic. Perhaps the installation you have maintained will last for years. Or not, and you’re considering a heat pump or other gas-free solutions for your customer. We help you provide the best service to your customers.

An installation with Hero Balancer offers you real-time insight into the functioning of your maintained or yet-to-be-installed installations. In addition, your installation can be controlled and adjusted remotely: the heating curve can be set to the minute. You adjust the schedules and temperature remotely and you always have insight into the set and current temperature. The best thing: with Hero Balancer you offer your customers a system that is adjusted every five minutes based on heat demand and future weather. That saves your customers a lot of energy costs.


We are happy to work with you! We are looking for installers who want to sell and/or install Hero Balancers. Please contact us for more information.

What we can do for you

Reduce heating costs

Due to increased energy prices and taxes, the costs for heating are also rising. With Hero Balancer you or your customer can easily adjust the heating schedule to the actual requirement online. A different schedule every day or every week? Doing overtime or unexpectedly close earlier? No problem, use the Hero dashboard to quickly adjust your settings. It’s fool proof!

In addition, every five minutes the heat curve is automatically adjusted according to the heat requirement determined by the Hero Balancer. For this, our self-learning system looks at the heating features of the building, the needs of the user and the weather forecast for the coming hours. This often results in a lower outgoing temperature, which saves up to 40% in energy. That is the added value for your customers!

Reduction of your carbon footprint.

Each cubic meter of gas causes 1.89 kilograms in CO2 emissions. Part of this emission is caused by the building being heated for longer than necessary.

Hero Balancer only heats your customers’ buildings and premises when needed and offers proactive weather control. This makes your managed installation function more effectively and economically. We achieve between 10% – 40% savings on CO2 emissions, while maintaining comfort. That sets you apart from your competitors.

Grip on comfort

Every person needs a different level of comfort. With the insights that Hero Light offers, you quickly get a clear picture of the temperature for each room and how you can fix that yourself or with your Hero Balancer.

If you want to adjust or regulate with water pressure or change something else in the installation, then that’s no problem. You are in control and we help you get the correct, objective information.

Real-time insight on every device

You and your customers always have insight into the heating system on every device. For installations with or without GBS. You can see the set and current temperature for each room.

As of June 2019 you will be able to see error codes for all your installations in your dashboard. This also applies to installations without GBS. That helps you to offer a proactive service to your customers and to remedy issues before they cause complaints. In addition, you help your customers maintain their grip on rising energy costs.

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What is Hero Balancer?

Hero Balancer is your own digital caretaker. Hero creates an ideal match between heat supply and demand thanks to its unique artificial intelligence.

Hero Balancer sharply aligns heat supply with heat demand. We do this by never having your large-scale heating system heated unnecessarily. We calculate the heat demand by analysing the weather forecast, your usage pattern and the warming characteristic of your building with our algorithm.