Hero & Smart Energy Summit

    About a week ago, Hero participated in the Rockstart Smart Energy Summit. This is an annual event where innovative startups and scaleups, investors and renewable experts get together in search of a “synergy”. Hero was, as a Rockstart startup, present during this meeting!

    The Tweet

    If you want to spread an idea in the world in 2017, you soon come to the realization that SIMPLE, SHORT and STRONG is the only effective strategy. When this technique is applied well, you can even become president of the United States! This is why Rockstart has presented the  participating startups of2017 in “Trump Style”, Hero being no exception:

    Our workshop

    In addition to the general activities, we also had our own workshop that we could fill in. We have chosen to hold a brainstorm session with the participants. From this workshop we have been able to acquire a lot of valuable information to help us make the Hero a better product for you. Thank you for participating in the workshop!

    Photo’s by: Dieter Schalk

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