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Hero Balancer installation

How is your building arranged?


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Manage your building smartly every five minutes 24/7 together with Hero Balancer. Our intelligence comes in two variants: Lite and Pro.

Only need brand-independent monitoring and alerting? Then choose Lite! Do you also need smart control, including adjusting remote settings? Then choose Pro. Changing the package after installation is always possible.

What does my Hero cost?

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I want a no-obligation savings forecast!


The monthly fee for your situation is calculated based on the size of your building in square meters. For this we use the BAG (Basic Registration Addresses and Buildings) viewer of the Land Registry.

The so-called ‘degree-day method’ exists for calculating the savings realised to include the weather influences in its analysis. Our calculations can be done one-to-one.

Read more about how we calculate this here.

After we have reached an agreement with you about the price you will receive an invoice. Installation will take place within two weeks after payment has been made.
The delivery time may differ for orders for more than four installations.

The following functions are included on the dashboard:

  • Hero status: online, offline
  • A timetable
  • All data that we extract from your heating system
  • Insight into weather control
  • invoices
  • Personal information

Look here for more information about the dashboard.

If the Hero breaks, we will take care of the replacement. In the event that the defect causes problems with comfort, this will be resolved within 24 hours. However: if the heating also works without Hero, Hero will be restarted within four working days.

Our conditions

Always up-to-date!

Hero Balancer is primarily a software product. If we develop new functions, update your installation as well. Just like your phone does.

Guaranteed savings

We guarantee that the cost of the Hero Balancer is recouped within two times the forecast ROI.

Hero moves!

Do you need a replacement heating system? Hero Balancer moves to the new installation free of charge.

How do we work?

Heating diagnosis

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Proposal for optimisation

Agreement on proposal

Installation Hero Balancer

Delivery dashboard