Environmental Management & Information Obligation Act

The time has almost come: the duty to provide information. In addition to the existing Energy Saving Obligation, every organisation that consumes more than 50,000 kWh of electricity or 25,000 m3 in natural gas (equivalent) per year must comply with the Information Requirements before 1-7-2019. But what exactly does this mean and how can we help you with this?


How long do you have?


Energy saving obligation

Is a duty whereby organisations that fall under the Environmental Management Act must take mandatory measures for energy saving with a payback period of a maximum of five years.

The Energy Saving Obligation means that companies must comply with all energy saving measures for their specific sector of the Recognised Measure Lists (EML) with a payback period of five years or less. These are approximately twenty saving measures per EML.

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NEW: the obligation to provide information. What should you do?

The Information Duty requires you to report the measures taken by the EML to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

You have until 1 July to report which energy-saving measures you have taken or will take in the coming years. You do so by having an EML report made and reporting this to the e-counter at the RVO. The supervisor is the regional Environmental service. This is the party that can issue fines as of 1-7-2019.

Hero Balancer and implementation of the Environmental Management Act

Energy saving measures have been drawn up in the EML for nineteen branches. Of these, six branches are suitable for the Hero Balancer as an interpretation of a mandatory recognised measure: Healthcare & Welfare, Offices, Education, Sports & Recreation, Hotels & Restaurants and Retail.

Hero Balancer has been designated as an Energy Registration and Management System (EBS) and as an Energy Management System (EMS) on these six Approved Action Lists. The unique thing about Hero Balancer is that the Hero not only registers, but as one of the few proactive and 24/7 autonomously optimises your existing installation(s)!

It’s not without reason that Hero Balancer is regarded as a low-hanging fruit when it comes to simply and effectively completing obligations in terms of sustainability. We can help you to comply with the Environmental Management Act and/or the Information Duty!

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Choose Hero Balancer

We can respond to three parts of the Environmental Management Act: the Information Duty, EML and the minimum C label for offices as of January 1, 2023.

Our product makes business heating installation intelligent through digital control. Hero Balancer creates ideal harmonisation between heat supply and demand thanks to Hero’s artificial intelligence. We upgrade existing heating systems from reactive to proactive and from stand-alone to online. With all the associated benefits!

We do not make a distinction between different building management systems or different heat sources. Every heating installation can become smart and meet the needs of the user, the installer and your portfolio.

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We calculate the heat demand using our algorithm by analysing the weather forecast, your consumption pattern and the heating characteristic of your building. With our product your system is optimised 24/7, you get insight into your heating installation with the Hero App and you save 10 to 40% in energy costs.

Nothing changes for residents and users. They can still rely on the same pleasant heating at any time. The difference being that they’ll enjoy extremely sustainable heat. As gas consumption falls, CO2 emissions fall by an equal percentage. This way you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40%. In other words: residents and users do not have to do a single thing, are engaged in sustainability and are surrounded by optimum comfort.

We deliver a sustainable promise with a smart product for the best price. With us you comply with the Environmental Management Act.

Designed for you and the environment.

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